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NovelSemi Solutions is a technical consulting group with expertise integrating MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) and other emerging technologies with traditional COTS parts.

Michael B. Wolfson

Dr. Wolfson specializes in learning how to solve problems.  He is a generalist among specialists and has a broad multi-disciplinary background.  After graduating from Brown University (Sc.B. 1995), Dr. Wolfson entered MEMS R&D by joining Noel C. MacDonald's research group at Cornell University (Ph.D. 2001).  Ever since, he has worked with small teams to develop and commercialize unique MEMS technologies.  He has contributed to companies ranging in size from angel-funded start-ups to Asian electronics giants.

Invented & Developed 3 new transducer technologies

   ◇ Fully integrated atomic force sensor and mechanical amplifier

      Cornell University, Transducers 2001

   ◇ Actively-fed back optical transducer

      Nayna Networks, Inc. US Patent 6,529,654

   ◇ Thin film MOS strain sensor and amplifier

      Sharp Laboratories of America, Inc. US Patent 7,253,488, 7,425,749,

      and 7,785,912

Integrated components with COTS & in-house custom subsystems

Built prototype systems using MEMS transducers

   ◇ Acoustic

   ◇ Biochemical

   ◇ Optical

Fabricated advanced digital/analog micromirror prototypes

   ◇ In-house fabs

   ◇ Cornell Nanofabrication Facility (CNF)

   ◇ Stanford Nanofabrication Facility (SNF).

Programmed automated control and characterization of MEMS devices

    Expert at industry standard LabVIEW and Matlab automation

Characterized analog TFT MOSFET properties

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